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Hotels in jaigaon
Majestic Bhutan
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Hotel in jaigaonWangdiphodrang (Altitude 4,430 feet)

This town is located south of Punakha and is the last town before central Bhutan. The district is famous for its fine bamboo work and its slate and stone carving.

Gangtey Goenpa/Phobjikha (Altitude 9,840 feet)Hotels in jaigaon

The valley of Phobjikha is well known as the winter home of the black neckedcranes. Bhutan is home to around six hundred popular places that the birds migrate to in the winter months from the Tibetan plateau. These elegant and shy birds can be observed from early November to end of March. Overlooking the Phobjikha valley is the Gangtey Goenpa. This is an old monastery that dates back to the 17th century.

Trongsa (Altitude 7,600 feet)

Trongsa forms the central hub of the kingdom and is historically the place from where attempts at unifying the country were launched.

Trongsa Dzong

Hotel in jaigaon Built in 1648, Trongsa Dzong is the ancestral home of the Royal Family. Both the first and the second King ruled the country from this ancient seat. All Kings hold the post of Trongsa Penlop prior to being crowned as King.

Ta Dzong

Perched above the Trongsa Dzong this is a watch tower which once stood guard over the Trongsa Dzong from internal rebellion. It is now being turned into a heritage museum.

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