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Majestic Bhutan
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TsechusHotel in jaigaon

In almost every dzong (fotresses that house both the monastic and the government administrative wings) there is an annual traditional festival (tsechus) that normally spans 3-4 days. Colourful and well choreographed mask dances are performed during the tsechus. Due to the nature of the lunar calendar, exact dates for tsechus vary from year to year.

Trekking in Bhutan

Hotels in jaigaonTrekking involves walking through routes that pass by some of the highest mountains in the world. These mountains are permanently covered in snow and remain unclimed. Mountaineering is forbidden in Bhutan because of the belief that mountains are abodes and representations of holy deities. The most appropriate trekking times are mid-March to mid-May and mid-September to the begining of November. There are, however,also trekking routes that are better suited to summer & winter.

Paro (Altitude:7,000 feet)

This beautiful valley is home to many of Bhutan's oldest monasteries and temple. The country's only airport is in paro. The valley is also home to Mount Chomolhari (7,300 meters) situated at the northern end of the valley whose glacier water forms the Pachu flowing through the valley. The following are some of the prominent places to visit in Paro.

Hotel in jaigaonDrugyel Dzong

On a clear day one can see Mount Chomolhari from the village below the Dzong.

Rinpung Dzong

This "fortress of the heap of jewel's" is the venue for the annual Paro Tshechu held every spring

Ta Dzong

Built as a watch tower the Ta Dzong has since been turned into the national museum.

Taktsang Monastery

The Taktsang "Tiger's lair" is perched on the side of a cliff at a height of 900m above the Paro valley. The hike up to the monastery takes about 3-4 hours. There is a lookout point and a cafeteria about three hours walk from the road.

Kyichu Lhakhang

This monastery dates back to the 7th century and is one of the oldest and most sacred.

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